A Crew

There is a slight run of resonance with squared dips of catches – it quickens with timed recoveries along those rumbled turns of leather-collared connections… Read More »A Crew

Sea Rowing

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There – almost baiting us – ten thousand wind-ripped waves palpitated on the lake – but they are merely breeze-skipping ripples for us would-be sea… Read More »Sea Rowing


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It’s not the same pull or heave
as it was in my rowed youth …/

Lewes Martyr

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She lays fond recall
of burning the Pope
onto today’s
bonfires of Lewes …/

The Seamstress

It is traditional
at this time
of year
to bring down –
from the loft –
the bonfire box …/


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Here clear water springs
halfway up the hill –
forming a slow stream …/

Beer in Lewes

The Gardener’s Arms
smells of bonfire
of Cliffe boys and beer …