The Wanted Ad

Some things are more important
than ability..

that line a would-be band leader penned
when pinned in by the curtain-drswn

suburbs of – perhaps – outer London –
or from behind striped drapes of Oldham?

Such calls followed the loss of real music
to MTV’s cathode-fixing rays

and her pure love of riffable looks –
so much so that artists succumbed

to that two quid call in WANTED –
in the NME – and more for

‘Smiths, Commotions ..
and or Pet Shop Boys ..’

yet unfound by any other bands –
They needed a bassist – smiling

whilst the drummer they required
would not be seen – just sitting

God On My Dock

I was stackingĀ a truck –
of dance-floored audio –
me – twenty-something
at Shepperton Studios –

Martin ‘Philishaves’ –
those deep-throated bins –
and Midas-touched mixing desks
ramp-trundled in –

The Thin White Duke
crossed our case-crammed dock –
suit-booted for filming –
that beautiful God –

Even the toughest
of my fellow-fagged roadies
awed-to-stillness –
he halted truck-loading