Off Time

On some days my prescription
is missed [on purpose to tease

this condition] Not very clever!
But you don’t know how good


I am dreading how this
bout will [now] play out
as my stability stiffens –
as notions & conscious
steps re-hire …/

Walk Under

I do not think enough
[but what do I know?]
Do not urge to things
Time is an urn set to
boil / I have elevated
my unaware body up
& down to my stomp …/


He was always just holding on
well before his loosening was
wired by composed workers –
He was fitted out in the smoke

Ich mach’ Feierabend

Me: I am calling it a day
Not a thing to offer out
loud – others will argue
against my final remark
with their ignorant talk

These Alarms

A howling car alarm – It isn’t mine
They will pound on house doors –

‘Oose that fucker disturbin’
our fuckin’ peace

Reading Lights

I have slipped into being
one who staves day wear
& who’ll settle to waking
up with Bacalov & books
in his sitting chair below
his reading light – within
reach is his worn remote

My blood rubs

‘My blood rubs’
partly explains
my old disease

Hourly beaten
without seeing
my aggressor


It is as if
every clock
is set to
other zones… /