Dignity is my now tattered flag –
white by surrender’s tradition –
a message to my sworn enemies –
now limp over my fallen nation… /


From our solemn mediator’s
lined notepad – Just a cheap thing –
he referred to his underlinings
… /

First Person Singular

I am both fully awake and in pain at seven-forty AM
I am now learning a new word – Imprimatur
I am feeling a rough poem coming on… /

Serpentine Paths

Today wary Canadian geese
avoid paddling screams
from lido blue rowing boats

finding cooler shade ashore
and rich landed pickings
among flat pressed patches …/

Traveling Through

Soft disturbances by a welcome breeze
have woken me – along with crept daylight –
as my room’s weighted curtains dance …/

Lift Me

Cure me –
please –
of fatigue

If of nothing else – if you can –
without causing side effects –
leaving me somewhat replete …/

Before An Alarm

I am abraided at five AM
to another sung summoning
of loud bird light beyond
my night-bared sash panes …/