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Six men sit – perching –
on suffering bar stools
Six etched chunks – an
almost-even arc offset
[nearly of Stonehenge] …/

Country Pub

Before this evening’s swell of punters fill empty wooden tables we solemn few near-sober slow pint daytime drinkers take our lost afternoon over equal measures… Read More »Country Pub

Closing Times

Now – be forever consigned to coughed-up-banter nights at your threadbare old boys’ club – propped behind spewed pints of pump-drawn gut-brown beer Your bent… Read More »Closing Times


These pulling places are rammed by limp cocks and hard-to-hear voices by forty-year-old bent coppers and pitch-hoarse salesmen feasting on glimpses of wagged butts and… Read More »#GreeneKingPubs


A pint on a Monday – at lunchtime? Things must be bad – Michael – And so they are – but I only offer lies… Read More »Comforts

Ghost Holes

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This bar’s serving hatch is always left agape –
tonight I see it is a varnished picture frame
holding unfair perspectives of the pirouettes
of the not-Degas barmaids in uniform black …/

Beer in Lewes

The Gardener’s Arms
smells of bonfire
of Cliffe boys and beer …

The Laughing Fish

A late Friday lunch
of stale crisps and ale

‘Sorry, the kitchen shut
today at 2.30’ …