mike bell poems

Gloss Black

They repainted tall railings
set around a granite tomb
[but left metal on gates to
to curdle to flakes of rust
in old layers]/ Here Lies A
Father & Husband/ …/

Vitalis of Gaza Did

He removed unto Alexandria
[aged about seven-ish x ten]

He listed each given name &
address of every sold-soul in

that city – hiring his hours as
a tool man & paid out to one

Study the Torah

“Rabbi Kanievsky says cancelling Torah study is more dangerous than corona,” Shmulik Woolf [JTA] [A true story] Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky aroused sentiments of a divine… Read More »Study the Torah


Some of his colours were valorized [vastly higher [then] than pure gold] When Vermeer lit – beyond grisaille – by halation? – layered line strokings… Read More »Vermeer

Good Friday

Number 8 Upper Uckfield Road
have laid a cross on their lawn –
it is cobbled from fence panels
I mistook it for a plague symbol… /

Christ’s Body Double

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They nailed James Legg up as J. Christ
[flayed – undressed of skin – purified]
Carpue found employment – scraping …/

Back Under Lime Tree Ave

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We are among my elderly friends
& not much has changed below –
a ripped fence has been propped
with roughly sawn timbers – mere


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We are feral troops off to our
home ground [trudging on a
route levelled by worn boots
on almost every other match
day’s summoning to paid-for