World War

That was a beer-warmed evening
underlined by an obese burger –
I avoided my return to the house
which echoed to a party of kids
and the small dog’s commands –

In the kebab shop they cooked –
just for me –
as the Turkish news feed rolled –
and on my phone Syria choked

Again – in Elizabeth Gardens
I was all alone
with my paper-wrapped chips
whilst varied kids wandered past –
So pissed off
followed by a lad who spits

And the ever-question hung –
Was I such a teenage-shit?
We all spat out many things –
The bin’s basket greeted me
into which I tossed
the greasy chip wrapper –
Nothing else smiled so much tonight



First Love

For NK

Ten minutes past five
That date to be etched
The timing – pre-teen –

verging on adult –
he told her he loved her
with a kiss and a grip
His surfacing from under

where he’d long hid
with his mumbled voice
to be heard in this world
above that white noise

He sensed her missed beats
and then brought her love –
his simple offering
which was more than enough