#2,473 That smug man

Mike Bell/ July 19, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

That smug man [with his
extravagant suffer of hair
& smile] stood before me
& allowed no passage – a
wiry chestnut-skin-thing
[who took eager joy with
his screw of enquiries] – I
stood my ground as each
of his pokes found places
to agitate – a represent of
this town in his ways – We
are dealt our hand & find
that our tables spin [a tip
& cards set scattering] – A
dream took me away last
night & troubled me – my
dire days of being set on –
rabid dogs’ll never dilute
their grip – spittle & bites
take a hold [through that
dream a bitch chewed] – I
woke in my pool of recall
& sweat – smug in my bed

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