The Writing

Mike Bell - Daily Poem Poetry

From November 2015 to date, I have written over 1,740 poems, using over 130,000 words (equivalent to a couple of novels), and no pens.

In that time I have had a few poems published in the UK and USA, I have been invited to give readings, attended and read at open mic meetings, and in the course of such ongoing activities, I have met some beautiful people.

I gave up submitting poems to journals and competitions a while back, the entry rules about not being pre-published on personal websites (like this) made such other acts of ego rather complicated and a bit too bothersome.

And, after all, this is really JUST a daily (or near to it) exercise to keep my brain free-flowing and distant from Alzheimer’s and other degenerative stuff heightened by my life living with Parkinson’s Disease.

I am always taking notes, hatching words, and letting them simmer. The majority of my writing is on my ‘phone, using Evernote (allowing files to synchronise across all my devices – PCs, screens, etc.).

This means I’m another dull f*cker with my ‘phone out, but my saving grace is that I am creating rather than consuming.

I do hope that you enjoy what you can (bear) to read.


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