2217: Theorems

A theorem will spur doubts
as much as enquiry [send a
telescope up & circle truth]

& don’t foster assumptions
or fuck our moon landings
by over-slight adjustments

of vibrating joysticks – feel
burners burst port side – As
we crash let them know we

saw a dark side this day – it
was worth it – I think – Blind
men walk in lines of three –

they see what truly matters
by never looking outwards –
just feeling with sticks – Slip

away from your ticker-tape
parades – cease waving – In
space there are blind loops

that bring us back to now &
there a theorem will bend &
open truths will end it all – I

will leap onto cold planets &
into burnt-out atmospheres
beyond all known randoms

to prove my point – Our first
steps in moon dust lie ready
to fool Crusoe’s moon walks

as he circles his dusty island
in space – Einstein knew it as
a truism – first he read Defoe

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