Poem #2,724 | There are too many poetry competitions

Mike Bell/ August 17, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

There are too many poetry competitions
[my submissions undone] – word-played
entrants with five quid to spare [for their
verse to submit & be judged by whom?] –

This’ll not enter [it is my pin – my stabs &
slice of thought to place my existence on
that busy notice board – I’m here among
lost cats & Pilate classes – mower repairs

offered – Marvell’s Garden Service] – Will
you ever buy a collection of poems? Lies
in dreadful Anglo-Saxon a complaint [by
a regarded poet] – we are all pulled up &

put in our place by greater writ voices – I
was admonished once by another one –
you cannot write ‘in’ first person singular
having not suffered enough
– O’ fuck off!

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