They left men

They left men feeling guilt –
but cruel traits eluded ‘em
as if sensible – then again –

piece work for kicks [& cash
feeding it] – & an insecurity
about a father & a mother –

& how will it come out? Will
our kids accept sour truths?
They have yet to say it now

[as it was] – as it still is – as it
devoured & fed a narcissist –
& fetishes – in an omphalos –

met through men – lubes are
a drug of choice – along with
lines of coke [aligned to this]

& such distractions will cloud
all memories of lust & loves –
they will lie – alone – for now –

or until it is made to thicken
into something un-loveable –
young men will come thickly

in auld thighs for matriarchal
kicks – Freud would not resist
his misalignments [he resists

such temptations – even after
death] – I will turn off that TV
& return to paperback fiction