They will end up

They will end up walking ahead –
not out of malice or unkindness
or a disconnection – It will come

in time in even strides [it always
does] – but none will be infected
by it [not through blood – or cut –

or kiss] & it won’t transmit [true
fact] & I’ll not die of it [it will not
do me] – By my 10000th I should

still be alert to life [that’s my cue
as it is] – They will find their step
has always had to be just ahead –

to steady themselves – it’ll seep –
reaching to others by a detrition
who’ll watch it all [they hurt too –

which will need undoing] – It is in
this curling hand [rigidity’s edict]
as to how it is to be seen through

for I am now far ahead [of all] on
this route through my conclusive
truth – I assess an oncoming step