2070: They will learn to live alone

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They will learn to live alone
is an outcome [another is a
lesson now – quick to ruins
& it needed dissevering] – a

brief distraction – as a sheet
tugs on tied legs – knotted in
ways – Sweat was not meant
to drip for a few more years –

no more children to sling on
flattened hips – fat stored for
leaner years – Did Eve suffer
loss of love & did Adam need

only to fuck? Eve slides on to
her front [to hide her gut] – a
few more gym sessions [sure
beauty is worth sacrificing it

for – everything – add his love
to that list of unloadings] – In
her [single] bed she is tied by
ropes to her wiped-at desires

for auld houses & men [thick
others] – Snakes & ladders on
kitchen tables will be played –
climbing up to take a serpent

as a pet [Eve lets it tumble on
her bed – Adam averted eyes
in shame] – games’ll only run
to rules if fed [decayed] fruits

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