Tik Tok Twins

They spend twists of time
looking to rubbed mirrors
[but they never espy their
distorted figures] – Regard

their sneers [slip of grins –
wide self-directed smiles]
& when stripped they still
avoid seeing inheritances

of sure-ageing & re-shape
of parts – family tradition –
She has an arse of a calf
elephant [flinty sniggers] –

as they then look away – a
moment for adoration – in
other eyes [quickies – with
obvious expectations] – By

lies they don’t require any
commitment to tight ties –
or contracts [pouts – twins
will pose – mute replicants

taking likes] – Never follow
mother  – [a sub-rosa post
to repeat] – They’ll look to
their gilded vanity glasses

[held at just-so angles – tilt
to halve doubling chins &
slack aged skin] – In profile
pics – each Photoshopped

to attract infirm hearts – to
avoid a view of emptiness
[confidence is a quick win
when we blind ourselves]