#2,426 Trompeire

One sybaritic detail
a ceiling rose
[less observed as
her eyelids lift & her orgasm is
centred in that room] –
don’t come

interest in sex her
way to exist –
a rotting tree will
not invade more space –
She is
at him with that opening of his
door –
stripped –
stiff &
bare to him
[to rip] –
& out & readied –
Solitude –
rare drug –
an adjustment to it
above his grey-haired self –
bruises a brief tattoo
[all loves
busted by a lost lover’s fucks] –
& then a filled-in questionnaire
including how well she dresses
& is marriage
a love affair
on reflection? His audiophiliac
way was her balm against love
[unless circumcised at birth] &
she argued
[for so much more]
as another subsumed to a stiff
tomography to see off disease
& sloth-quick infections –
A bar
is such a subtle meeting place
to quit to bare legs & misspent
worn-out youth & subtractions
of age off now
[vodka toasting
a cure] –
Screaming NO NO NO
met in sweat –
fucking any girl
he cares to –
marijuana desert
to follow on after broke bread
& laughter’s feed –
Park walks –
a cure for all laid-out ills as he
kisses her
[& strokes her hair] –
There they sit –
hospital-stiffs –
a long-term illness to gift –
is speaking in a cruel dream &
touching is a less repeated act
[in love] –
An ashtray to beach
her flicked cancerous dust –
court to conduct examination
of his cross –
his weight of sex
& hammer of purposes spent –
adultery an auld art of his –
said –
Printemps will pass & in
summers so past –
balances of
powers shift enough to fast
starve] –
Over coffee in raw-lit
spaces expositions bleed
bright to last] –
Israel calls –
time parents rule all our lives
& disgraces any fool
say too much to her] –
His slip
of cash is too much for her to
bear –
her husband will ask &
appear to care enough to act
for her heart to not implode –
melodrama then unwanted –
note his
self found out under oaths &
hounded fast –
Deception his
novel yet-signed –
His lover’ll
grope for auld re-assurances
in his hotel –
a lobby of affair
[& her voice was in his
book] –
her lips lifted up as if
never enough –
her marriage
less level –
lover-less –
& fine
a four-letter word
[like fuck]
he said –
Jews with guts
entreaty] –
Freshfield all self
[but she did tender for now]