1783: VE Day 1975

No family clues to Gran’s
husband’s death – his life
was not a part of us/ Dad
took his ever-old mother-
in-law off to Runnymede/
We were dragged without
any explanation – a rub of
three boys [as she looked
for her husband’s rank &
recall on marble]/ A slight
woman – with her Geordie
beat – flagged by Player’s
fags sucked on scant lips –
not tall enough to read all
those dead – Dad helped –
his rozzer-height one lofty
ambition for his sons [our
desires were to be as high
as him – to descry in ease]
I now aid old-aged people
[in need of my set height]
I reach for tins in Waitrose
reading out those names –
Heinz Beans [low in sugar]
sat far up like her wor lad
who met her last on stone
below a war memorial flag


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