2039: We Are All Useless Fools

It was only protest singers – & prim
MPs – with nods to Mrs Whitehouse
[& Disgusteds-Of ] who were heard –

We now share quick disapprovals –
inveighing posts [via social slopes]
& tweet shite – I see a hoicked verb

& turn my eyes as Mr Fox yums beer
[as @sycophants disperse his hate]
& men in dark suits shag auld flags –

We’re not singers  [never outdoing B
Dylan – our dissent is a click] – Tune-
less re-twittering is a hopeless song

& one we repeat & repeat [no matter
what] – Our children will not want to
sing – such voices will not be used to

relay a memorable refrain as memes
fade on-screen – as refresh rates turn
on click bait – we are all useless fools

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