We have been through it all

with my therapists

We have been through it all
[digging for indiscretions]/ I
have teased no rhymes [nor
mis-scans by distances-set]
Sit with me on a wider seat
[for public use] & no longer
select Avoid Publicity – now
truths will reprise from my
flash of text or verse or odd
words – read from me word-
play sent nowhere – thrown
up – vomited from therapy’s
despair – she said they need
it too – talking in circles – an
honest plunder of old spites
[maliciousness – it happens]
There – see sagged boxes sat
[on tables & bogs] tugged to
offer another thin tissue – to
wipe our cheeks – or faeces
Sorrows floats [as Mr Irving
wrote] & keep passing open
– greatest advice is
left – by our greatest writer/
My therapist worked from a
dull room in Sussex – whiffs
of grandad’s bookish house
& post-war disgrace – Poetry
books on shelves waiting to
expose their off-loadings or
be left untouched – trinkets/
Tissues were tugged – again