2121: Weil’s Disease

I will struggle to fall in love
again having been tongue-
lashed by mis-directions &
vanity’s grasps – I’ll gasp as

out-of-season feeds surge
with rainfall in July – there
will be floods downstream
& foolish lovers drowned –

[for believers of fate] – see
flit cocks [& sliced at drugs
as offerings] lined above a
marking of aulder torrents

from which wet rats teem –
[but pretty does scamper
to find fit bucks to do] – &
muddy rivers vie for them

with sludging-kisses – In a
day it will find auld levels –
that flood-drunkenness of
our River Uck will sober up

as much as I have about it –
love – Stuttered untruths’ll
dry up – we will return to a
drowning by pollen counts

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