#2,638 WFH

Mike Bell/ March 14, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

These commuter mornings
between bedroom & desk –
slow shunt of my body –
seep-in-light I rise to a dull
alarm –
no train to miss –
two hours I will be desked –
having not left my house &
not gone –
my apps’ll mock
my short haul mass –
to a too-nigh place of work
under broad eaves
treads-to –
I dawdle here] –
a shower’ll rinse one hour
more –
a circling of waste –
then latte & rare noises off
[my raised voice to Alexa] –
another sly prevarication –
delay creativity
I am shy
with other faces –
by dead months of time –
am stoked on Zoom to see
them all –
my invoice a line
to underscore last job won

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