Widely Recycled

Mike Bell/ September 1, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Plugging in another lump
of personal transport will
not save this planet – as if

getting a less-fuming car
[as if credible] as we feed
on an Amazonian orgy of

clicked needs – gratifying
in our wrapped desires of
tactile packaging [a mess

of plastics beneath] – it is
next day [Prime] delivery
for us fat leeches – Greed

will do us all – as weedled
needs tug us – Purchase!
We insatiate users of crap

[swallowing cast maggots]
& thrash until we are done
[by a baneful Credit Score

calculated by dividing our
time by Nature’s full fury] –
We’ll no more enjoy purity

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