Why Write?

I have written, sculpted, painted, sketched, and caricature(d) all my 50-odd years. I work as a freelance ‘experience designer’ from a shed in East Sussex. Life is good.

After Parkinson’s Disease (PD) diagnosis in early 2015 I was put on to an array of drugs. One of them, we were warned, could have had potentially serious side effects – either making me gamble, or turning me into a sex addict. The compulsive behaviour went a third way – poetry – unexpected, but it has been quite an experience.

As I try to maintain my physical well-being I also endeavour to strengthen my cognitive facilities – both under threat from PD – and so have led to these efforts to produce a poem a day, to keep my brain tight, since 5th November 2015 (Bonfire Night in the UK).

I was meant to perform at Edinburgh 2017, but this is now postponed (due to other issues) to 2018 – it will, of course, be a better show.

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