Why 10,000 Poems?

Since November 2015 I have been producing at least one poem a day – even with a few life f*ck-ups on the way.

My ambition is to use this commitment as one method of holding off as much cognitive decline as possible associated with my Parkinson’s diagnosis, as well as a way of raising some awareness about living with long-term debilitation.

By the time I publish poem #10,000, I should be in my eighties, but, by deduction, also fairly neurologically together.

Access to Mike Bell’s poetry is by request or invitation  – via here

Mike Bell Poetry

Mike Bell aims to write 10,000 poems, stick them up here one at a time, and then take a nap. By then he should be about 85 years old and have out-gunned PD, dementia, and the end of days. Possibly. Before the floods and fires. Mike Bell is found working for money as a freelance set designer.