On Luxford

The old boys’ bench
affords a wide view
of Luxford Fields

of trees to the north

Here is my basecamp
on the ascent
over difficult terrain
of root split tarmac

Dog walkers and kid strollers
criss-cross the scuff

taking turns to shout
and to chase

Behind me shoppers steer
between tight spaces

which revs and white lines
take for three to ten hours

Two boys on bikes gob
and then dare each other

on their brakeless machines

to ride the Tesco steps


British Summertime
day one
as seen from this flint field

high above the Winterbourne’s
estate dictated course

above the rush of the bypass

that continuos inland tide

Here I listen for the reduced birds
as seagulls are distance summoned
by the hip-jiggered tractor’s
turn of furrow

You have walked on
with me left here
above this valley landscape
with an extra hour of light

as if the clocks had stopped