Piano Men

The unannounced pianist was a pummeler - less Jools Holland more jewel robber We politely relocated from The Griffin's bar roar and found ourselves in a Rocketman party at another restaurant five minutes south where women wore glitter and sang loud homage to Elton John's flickers of flares of greatness


I am not that someone who revels in hate Her look at the bar left me cold-eye weighed Poor Phil-the-farmer could not match my smile as Val took her drink leaving her stare to scythe Those Witches of Newick have stirred their dark brew - they sweat its rank scent - a mephitic perfume I … Continue reading Rotarians

Beer Mat

What you readin? A repine novel This is my bar work as larynx~stretched guffaws & shrieked screams tie up eye~readied lines Dont mix booze & dry books Youll re~read one typeset line far too many times tween knocks of beer & lifted rounds of re~filled tumblers & mispronounced bloody foreign wines Shot~sworn drunks & their … Continue reading Beer Mat

Hampstead Heath

We scurried across NW3 but not the low-laid Heath of bricked-ish village-ness of idealised introversion - with loquacious City views No - We took the buff support of metre-high teak bars before the flow of beer taps - erect like those glass towers stood in that visible rotten mile We ripped at the greenery of … Continue reading Hampstead Heath


Bugger off to those soda syphons claiming in January sainthood - un-settlers of our sense of right with their smug month-long cast of sober teases off whipped rods - with their dry false flies as bait - those anglers now spreading their dull-witted winter diseases of no more indulgences - drowning by their dry resolution … Continue reading Dry