As our dog digs

As our dog digs
I am returned to
cold earth – mud
turning [fifty-odd
years earlier] …/

Story of O

Your soul so toils – your own/
You dragon – you Ouroboros
[loud swallows of lost motifs
took your crown] – old Osiris
joined your roundings to ‘O’/
How your omphalos tore off

VE Day 1975

No family clues to Gran’s husband’s death – his life was not a part of us/ Dad took his ever-old mother- in-law off to Runnymede/ We were… Read More »VE Day 1975

Mole Traps

You almost trip on another
tipped mound of grey sand

Turned soil reverts to fulvid
shades as our strides drop… /


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Travel to a 1970’s grey suburb –
to my dad’s father’s door – here
be greeted by my dad’s father’s
second wife – Dorothy …/

Lunches in Netzer Sereni

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Opposite me – at this table –
an elderly couple bend over
their equal servings to mine

Two Treehouses

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On my circular dog walk
there is a tidy treehouse
with no way to climb up

It is likely to be reached
by a foot-propped ladder
lent by someone’s parent