Numbered Days

There is no science in daily tariffs
of death-by-country – our morbid
fascination pulls such in to dinnle
& talk [still kids die of preventable
pneumonia …/

After Covid

An aspen curse & other malices
grew among our fearful Easters
& sod all alters – we live effraide
since a plague is [again] among
us [under lockdown’s new rules]

All Fools’ Day

Our clear sky’s brightness
is less reflected in frosted
glass – get back to locked
down beds & keep warm …/

The Few

Shall we embrace military ways
of fighting & furloughs – of a war
vying unknowns? Rhetoric wins
when we have battles to be won …/

Mona’s Mask

Her enigmatic smile has been hidden
behind her 3M N95 respiratory mask


I sit at an unstopped bus stop
sheltering from Jorge’s
spit as my takeaway reflection
stares back at me

One More Named Illness

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I do not want
one more named illness
that would be a sublime act of greed –
a selfish huzzah

Fraxinus Excelsior

Here – I have been orange-dotted
as if another fungal-blighted tree
Spotted on for obvious lesions… /