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Gloss Black

They repainted tall railings
set around a granite tomb
[but left metal on gates to
to curdle to flakes of rust
in old layers]/ Here Lies A
Father & Husband/ …/

As our dog digs

As our dog digs
I am returned to
cold earth – mud
turning [fifty-odd
years earlier] …/

A Fox Replaced

A fox replaced my dog
[momentarily] below a
hood of low brambles

A Nice Spot

Some’ll bait [little empathy –
spit indifferently & she did]/
I want to bed down [now] in
these woods & never get up


I sit at an unstopped bus stop
sheltering from Jorge’s
spit as my takeaway reflection
stares back at me

Love Song of

I grow old – I grow old
& fear eating peaches
[without knowing how
poetry works] …/

Walk Under

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I do not think enough
[but what do I know?]
Do not urge to things
Time is an urn set to
boil / I have elevated
my unaware body up
& down to my stomp …/