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She always expected holidays
from home [as if a pre-booked
excursion would hoist weights
she wore since prior escapes] …/

Autumn Term

They make the slow haul uphill
with their shop-branded bags
of untried school uniforms …/

Kermode’s Lament

He walks the Croisette
between palm leaf shadows

this gloom-filled film critc
nursing a flopping hangover …

The Beach

Arrayed like solar panels

but bearing the weight
of sunburnt Russians .

This Moment

Paul said that he thought
of Cornwall,
it was the sunlight
which set him..


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The developed hills of Nerja
were not designed for me
(the me now rested halfway
on ascents and descents
in and out of the old town)..


If there is an English word
for this heat please send it to me

along with recent pictures
of you being buffeted..


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This nuclear sun over Nerja
seems to be a false detonation
just short of early November
sent with no sense of guilt..