Dyer’s Weed

Weld produces a yellow dye
so it is known as Dyer’s Weed
among other local names –
but forever it will be an alien
in your North American fields …/

Dead Stars

Let us forget
their faltering war
of shatterings –
of splinterings
of run-from-shops
blown high-to-dust
by others’ drops
of barrel bombs… /

Conquest Hospital

Robert Richard Rollins –
I was born nineteen thirty-four –
struggled with the name –
El-dwabe …/

The Captured

  • by

Her story will be lost
by this time tomorrow –
Jakelin AmeĆ­
Rosmery Caal Maquin –
even one so sweet –
many names for one
so small …/

New England

They will soon take command
of the scattered pill boxes –
those red brick squatters
sat above river crossings …/


The singing whale
sang canary song
swimming upstream
in the river of kings


Reduce the Brits, take away their tea,
Jaguar, Landrover, and Wedgwood pottery,
all now sold, the last of British treasures,
what is left ‘Great’ to make Britain special?