St. George’s Day 2020

He landed [dondurucu]
under a northern star
on Kent’s stones/ Glib
shingle hindered him… /

Dyer’s Weed

Weld produces a yellow dye
so it is known as Dyer’s Weed
among other local names –
but forever it will be an alien
in your North American fields …/

Dead Stars

Let us forget
their faltering war
of shatterings –
of splinterings
of run-from-shops
blown high-to-dust
by others’ drops
of barrel bombs… /

The Amber Light

I was caught staring at the amber light –
the pause – the stop – the pushed brake
before the collision – before the crush
of border patrols upon the quick-shift …/

Conquest Hospital

Robert Richard Rollins –
I was born nineteen thirty-four –
struggled with the name –
El-dwabe …/