That’s All Folks

We are suckled on distortions of God-given truths before widescreen tales Anthropomorphism Rules Recall childhood absurdities e.g. Tom and Jerry showing ink-stained human ways drawn on pets and pests We squeeze other species into a blender of credibility Perhaps our normalised violence was induced by cartoon irons those height-dropped anvils cast by Dastardly's Muttley alongside … Continue reading That’s All Folks


You too have climbed from the alluvial swamp of youth, of immaturity, that dark cloy which sticks, a viscid ignorance, up from that shallow place to our adapted older-selves, without His re-engineering, One's dulled interest long lost - ever since J. Robert Oppenheimer re-purposed the identity of God, and made mankind the last hope. 'Survival … Continue reading Abiogenesis