mike bell poems

Bid Them Gone

You’d think – by now –
I’d have worked it out/
But that luxury favours
those who sleep & do
not dream/ I will wake
with a sour taste from
slept conversations &
cinematic sweeps [are
remainders well worth

Tell Me

Being male – white – southern
& sounding as if my schooling
cost – & you assume a degree
& connections eased my ways

There My Second Home

I’ve found my second home
due west above Erriff’s coils
[north o’ Galway’s gut] – you
take a road over Glennacally
Bridge & find it up a sloping

I know every bench in Uckfield

I know every bench in Uckfield
& its rigid offerings [too honest
in framing my sittings] but I’m
a blank study to sell as they put
latest prices on my head [Hey!
Have you heard? & other bets

News at One

Time will not be adjusted [to suit your needs] – that’s my assumed forecast of less-assured futures Histories – that slip of shadowed kisses &… Read More »News at One


My pain has removed
[My pain has added to]
my one sense of self –
but without pain how would I work?