No Debt to My Day

It begins – with an appetite [he said]
to discover my self-respect [ah yes]
to redeem the day/ So the day does
not go down in debt [he had said as
he looked around his Tower of Song

Leonard Cohen Bought Her Diamonds

He bought a paste jewel
in order to undo her bra -
[& she said it as b-rawwt -
it was sweetheart time to
bare her thickish-charms]

The Duchess

There are kinds of poets who give poets
a bad name – not me guv’nor

Perhaps bejewelled ones in headscarves –
those hosts of salons or saloons… /


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I share with Sylvia
an early hour-ness
of eyes on cold art … /

Traveling Through

Soft disturbances by a welcome breeze
have woken me – along with crept daylight –
as my room’s weighted curtains dance …/

War Poets

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His Last Leaf

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