mike bell poems

Bid Them Gone

You’d think – by now –
I’d have worked it out/
But that luxury favours
those who sleep & do
not dream/ I will wake
with a sour taste from
slept conversations &
cinematic sweeps [are
remainders well worth

Tell Me

Being male – white – southern
& sounding as if my schooling
cost – & you assume a degree
& connections eased my ways


My pain has removed
[My pain has added to]
my one sense of self –
but without pain how would I work?


I shift in my coffin – to allay stiffenings without complaint – they did a fair job – although boxed air thins – that miasma… Read More »Isolation


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I am walking backwards [untrue]
after hauling recyclable bags of
Reduced Now [Oh – how we live]
up to my hill-high home erected
above floods [but still fearful of]

Off Time

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On some days my prescription
is missed [on purpose to tease

this condition] Not very clever!
But you don’t know how good


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I am dreading how this
bout will [now] play out
as my stability stiffens –
as notions & conscious
steps re-hire …/

Walk Under

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I do not think enough
[but what do I know?]
Do not urge to things
Time is an urn set to
boil / I have elevated
my unaware body up
& down to my stomp …/