Each bared upper branch
is sunset-torched
by that last touch of low light
off this third month’s fooling dusk
A slumped red hour

ending a widely-held disbelief
of an unexpectedly warm day
in March
once marked by late snow
but not by my fifth decade’s
birth date

now re-set by
summer’s early incremates

but we are equally annoyed
by a chill off this cooled evening
after sunburn at midday
in spring

The Colour of Spring

There a flash – yellow –
clowning in mid-February –
our foolish
fault – a false overwintering
for spring-tricked innocents –

bringing slow recalls
of others’ tales of good luck
indicated by such arrivals –
or was it about good times

or was it about
a sure proximity of death?
Leviticus found leprosy
in yellow and thin hairs

The inopinate-insect dared
loops of dead brambles
as an unexpected daytime
show of colour in London –
before a fatal frost by night


30,000 Returns

The held blossom in the twitten
reminded me of sakura in Japan –
when we climbed Mount Yoshino –
anami to Oku Senbon

There I kissed your pencil lips
which tasted of the last yatai –
where my mouth passed across
the flowering of your eyes

We had spread our picnic blanket
as the sun rose on the arc –
a place under cherry blossom
a wide view across the park

That held flower is the carrier
of my re-imagined returns –
to our love in Nara prefecture –
as the sakura blushed and turned