mike bell poems

That scent is thick

That scent is thick
of summer’s weep
of sweat under my
pits [slipped brims
will not offset fears
of skin cancer]

It rattles

It rattles – as if a thousand
thousand bottles of drugs
are shaken [to reprove my
lacklustre skills in ticking a
prescription off

It is raining

It is raining –
& my tipped
up skylights
lean mottled

The Shortest Day

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Time has not yet inclined enough
to coerce any kind of difference –

perhaps later – sometime in June
when we’ll see our pined-for light

London Sweats

A fan-cooled idle chauffeur
in his employer’s slick black
double-parked Mercedes …/

Serpentine Paths

Today wary Canadian geese
avoid paddling screams
from lido blue rowing boats

finding cooler shade ashore
and rich landed pickings
among flat pressed patches …/

A Common Spotted Orchid

It is a highly successful
coloniser of wasteland
and not at all in danger

Both my Google Lens
and a quickie Wikipedia
yielded to your knowledge …/