Sussex Lines

Stale air sits above river routes
without winds to move or shift
enough to aid sight of lay lines
in Sussex/ Spires look towards
burial mounds .../

Sussex Racists

Openly-racist Grandma B' unfolds a [crisp] Daily Mail & mutters 'bout Foreigners invading [no family correct her] & lip-held Grandpa B' minds his P's [deems] Well it won't take much to upset my old wifey - better agree! She crows [weak] squawks in her kitchen As for those bloody coloured protesters! Her spittle-phrases scatter off … Continue reading Sussex Racists

On Hills

For S.L. I'll lie with a sun at my feet & a moon above my head [flit birds intone] - at blind north you are nine-ish km from my swoon where we had undressed [stretching & bathed - but not in rain] Your unchecked meadow is a rule-broken hill - slips of grass & breakfast … Continue reading On Hills

Ancient Ways

Our ashen marriages are trace-cartography on our drunken maps of tolls - drips of wine circle our old haunts/ Merlots are our ink in marking our routes/ I track my tired footfall on gradients - we see tumuli - each labelled in gothic font - a man stood there - a digger with flints to scrape & form his remembered monument/ … Continue reading Ancient Ways