That exotic coin
which sits on the sill
has no value here –
a measure of nothing ..


I touched the thighs
of many men
as I was pushed
from check in …


We refilled our disgorged bags
doing that roll up and re-stuff …

Shade in Samui

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Below the Big Buddha I took shade
like an aged cat
ready to refute contact
as you took the significant steps
to stand under the god …


There is barbed wire
on the moon-pulling palm tree

there to deter tourists

and their kids …

ความรัก (Love)

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This Thai beachside paradise
of dribbled concrete streams
and well-kept swept lawns
is like the constructs of love …/

Low Tide

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As if I were Crusoe
or you
with our footprints
but me three legged with my circles ..

Heading North

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This coach reverberates
and ever, ever, rolls north
with us four and a dozen
back-packed younger souls
in various curls of inertia …