mike bell poems

Loose Wiring

This cable is frayed &
liable to fuse – trips &
other dangers wound
to potential attraction
[set by de Coulomb’s
ruling out differences]

mike bell poems


His composure? Rare – indeed!

Above me – a treasure in a tin
on a narrow shelf/ It was then
a cold world [nuclear war lists
or raging unions] …/

E. 94. Sudanese Slit Drum

Kitchener fingered it then instructed
his queen’s crown to be engraved/ By
his weak hand he couldn’t beat out a
sound/ Khartoum was taken …/

VE Day 1975

No family clues to Gran’s husband’s death – his life was not a part of us/ Dad took his ever-old mother- in-law off to Runnymede/ We were… Read More »VE Day 1975

The Few

Shall we embrace military ways
of fighting & furloughs – of a war
vying unknowns? Rhetoric wins
when we have battles to be won …/

If this accident will

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr didn’t believe
that your glaciers would thaw –
they are frozen [eternal] as are
man’s wan desire for a crusade

A Diversion in Calais

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It was intrepid Dunkirk as
our only solution to avoid
300,000 on-beach deaths

War Poets

Paul Verlaine’s Chanson d’automne was coded – still popular poetry – to give notice – his long sobs of French-sung violins declared an Allied invasion… Read More »War Poets