Zero Hours

I lived with a courtesan –
an escort – a whore –
& I charged for every hour –
so I was one too …/


It is possible to pause & think too much
[that much I know – having considered it
too many times] / My craft is assembling
piles of undertakings & to inspect them

Micro Economics

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Economics 101 has no value
GDP is a fallacious Godhead

Labouring Under

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There are no greater spurs to human indecency
than cheap shortcuts to wealth

be they lotteries or lies – they are muted calls
to hard work – to tilth


Hear them – those
too-near rushes
of combustion over tyre-rubbering

there – beyond my fence
I am just fifteen yards
from others’ entered destinations

Ashpan Texas

Your waking place
is a hollow-man’s town
with vacant homes
close to falling down


I am in my blind tower –
only two carpeted floors
above those rain-runners
out on that constant road ../