Turning On Old Ladies

Two old ladies (loud) in the reading room,
Giggled, un-muffled, in the cold-bulb gloom.
Compared their tablets, one from the son,
One from her husband, “But can’t turn him on!”

A nearby woman huffed, and shut her book,
She muttered, stood up, and gave them a look.
So, ‘The Web For Beginners Course’ began,
With a short speech, from a very short man:

“Welcome to this course: designed to get
You all surfing the World Wide Web.
Make sure you both have plenty of power.
This session will last (he clock-watched) an hour.”

Within five minutes one of them had found
A site.. men and women stripped, gagged and bound.
Ten minutes passed then lady number two
Clicked on Breast-Dot-Fest (it was rather crude).

‘Is this porn?’ asked old lady number one,
‘If it is, then it doesn’t look much fun.’
The old ladies’ web search widened some more,
The very short man slipped out the side door.

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