2182: By Nature Actors

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Daisy Buchanan proffered a view –
the best thing a girl can be in this
world  – a beautiful little fool  – so
proved – I too have fooled – in five

star hotels [succoured  by serving
staff at breakfast – swum in a pool
so hot I was near-to-foetal – living
too fugly]  – I found a rare primacy

in rum mansions – laid on pillows –
taking me – a purchaser of wasted
imbalances – & my misalignments
in histories will be long-evident – I

do not speak for daughters [& I do
not speak for sons] – our comforts
will not stir for them – Under a low
sun they’re unsure of an outcome

as depletions & desires skew their
near-views – I had looked across a
menu – [wantonness set before us
as plenteous brim-filled dishes – a

litany of depletion] – I now scrape
at plates to lessen waste – guilt by
my excessiveness never undoable
[they won’t acquit wasteful simps

stood & shamed] – These twenties
will not roar – Glamour is souring –
Excess is ugly [Gatsby lied] – Espy
tears spilt under my eyes – Servile

hands clear opulent mansions as
blind walls are knocked through –
We stand by a slow-drained pool –
it’ll crack as our imbalances re-fill

that vacuum [for now all is ruined
unless disorder is refining beauty
as everything adjusts] – I will walk
to places [reducing any exigence]

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