On (Goat) Skin

No more ‘Great’ pre-fixed
to the Repeal Bill,
no more ‘Great’ in Britain,
it is the richest who will
command this state
as it recoils, reduces,
and they’ll pinch all that’s great,
leaving austerity bruises.

New Broom

She’ll not be swept back
to Downing Street,
her election broom snapped
under the weight;

the Tories will seek
‘a strong and stable’ hand,
to pick up the broom
and lead these lands.

For now she will clean
without the right tools,
whilst Boris and Rudd
agree which of them rules.

The UK untidy,
until the new cleaner sweeps,
austerity to continue
because brooms aren’t cheap.


God is on St Theresa’s side,
He guides her through Brexitcide.
Her Superior Being will not falter:
Spain will never get Gibraltar.

As Brexit draws ever nearer,
her prayers omit South Korea,
because she knows Her Lord’s will
includes the right to overkill.