Elder Respect

Cloudy cordial – it was too soot
for my tongue – inbred-sweet &
all sugar-buzz – Grandma’s own
& she is an amazing woman [no
proof given] …/

For a Pot of Paint

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The tall bay window
is our empty white frame –
on the front of this home
of unshuttered shame …/


A bare bulb hangs by two wires
over the bathroom mirror
as a reminder of his absence
with that unfinished fitting …/

Screw Fixed

Car park chaos
outside Green’s DIY
as estate cars reverse,
their boots piled high..

The Patio

The level is still wrong
because the land slopes,
and I used my tired eyes,
not the bubble’s advice…

A Wall

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Each imperial brick length required malodorous acid to be dippled, slow-brushed (avoiding the old lime mortar), applied to each unpainted face, covering the exposed wall:… Read More »A Wall

Decoration, no OBE

You want to remove
our angled dado rail,
the one they fitted
(‘far too parallel’)