Sussex Lines

Stale air sits above river routes
without winds to move or shift
enough to aid sight of lay lines
in Sussex/ Spires look towards
burial mounds .../

Above Glynde Reach

I picked a bent path of grass treads between time's tipped-hat stones in St. Andrew's - Beddingham's dry-high whispering graveyard It hasn't absorbed any rising tidal surge or sudden winter wash - of God's clearing-out-no-chance-flood since He-knows-when-of-last Once vagrants were listed here in this river-fashioned parish in a sub-Lewes rolled distance - 68 villains, 6 … Continue reading Above Glynde Reach


Please hide a lemon in your old man's coat - their tear gas is primed but that citrus is hope - suck on its stung flesh as if you suck for your life Your vote for democracy has been long-denied We all carry crosses but some are not struck - we'll all hang our heads … Continue reading Hustings