Leonard Cohen Bought Her Diamonds

He bought a paste jewel
in order to undo her bra –
[& she said it as b-rawwt
it was sweetheart time to
bare her thickish-charms]

He sighed & so fathomed
her submissive way as he
said this hotel is my home
[some rooms held his lies
limply on hangers – songs

pressed by sweat] All was
fixed stiff in starch [& by a
blue pill two hours ahead
to keep Leonard hard as a
chook-frying man on heat]

Cut to another scene – his
hand holds an Amex card
& he pauses – a long beat/
Credits roll/ Skip an option
& she selects OK [yes I do]

She will have words written
by Mr Cohen – verse into a
song – but not a Marianne –
such composition is a once-
in-a-lifetime [out of his love]