2222: Of Disrepute

In cul-de-sacs of neighbourly-
neighbours we’ll live back-to-
back days by envy & mistrust

across fences & drives – gated
ways to keep others at bay – A
busy road curves to hemmed-

in identi-kit plots [ones some
don’t approve of – estates are
dull] – filed identical arrays of

box rooms [& bill repayments
by every fourth week] – grim
less tempting places – some’ll

escape by time’s reminders to
to decay in low bungalows [or
assisted-living apartments] &

others will never move whilst
mother is still alive – Everyone
shifts – eventually – to improve

their outlook & what people’ll
think of their brick facade – we
set our values under hammers

& auction off our souls – this is
what comes of property porn –
our re-mortgaged prostitution

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